CTUV is a trusted certification body that specializes in providing certification services for products imported into the Gulf region. Our operational teams are established in both China and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With a management team and skilled engineers who possess over 15 years of industry experience, we bring extensive knowledge and expertise to the table. We aim to enhance the overall certification process and deliver efficient outcomes.

Our team of highly skilled engineers conducts thorough assessments to verify compliance with relevant standards and regulations, ensures the highest standards of certification.

We bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to the certification process, while leveraging the extensive knowledge and experience of our team.

At CTUV, we understand the critical role that certification plays in ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with the regional regulations.

Our aim is to provide efficient, reliable, and internationally recognized certification services to support businesses in their import operations.

We are committed to building strong partnerships with auditors and accreditation bodies to ensure the credibility and integrity of our certification process.

CTUV as your certification partner, you can trust in our expertise, global network, and dedication to delivering exceptional service.